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Construction projects are expensive and unfortunately stressful, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with the people you’re the most comfortable in partnering with, can trust to collaborate, and manage their trade portion of your project with your best interests in mind. I personally manage every aspect, from the first quote to the last delivery.  I’m with you every step of the way.

Get 3 Quotes

  • The value is in the varying recommendations and insights for your specific project, you can gauge which companies are selling to you and which are educating you so you purchase what you want and need.
  • Ask each for an Apples to Apples quote for the exact same product as well as an alternate for their recommendations, if you prefer the new recommendations then have them quoted apples to apples by at least 3 companies you’ll quickly find who you want to trust with your investment.
  • Very often, Window and Door sales companies have their preferred manufacturers and steer you towards that manufacturer for a myriad of reasons but usually it’s the ones they get the best pricing from or an alternate to a higher end product that they can pitch as comparable for a cost savings between your dream product and lesser product that appears to have the features you like.

Value Engineering

There are so many options you need accurate information so you can get what you want without wasting money on upgrades you don’t need or downgrades you would have happily spent the $10 to upgrade.

such as

  • Plastic hardware covers compared to metal or adding a matching handle that makes operating the window so much better and only costs $7
  • Security features, sound transfer upgrades that can make a huge jump for pennies on the dollar by simply making the panes of glass different thickness’s (window slang call this “traffic glass”) which brings an avg STC of 28-30 up to a 33-36 from there it can get out of hand with options that double the costs for something like laminating both panes of glass to achieve a 34-37 which would only be detectably different from within a testing facility
  • If there’s not a call out for STC Zones in your building plans from the city then you would most likely not benefit at all from these types of upgrades but then again if you are in a loud base environment then buying standard glass could be penny smart but dollar dumb.

Give me a call

  • I’m a 2nd generation window and door supplier, my Dad started our first family dealership in 2001, we branched off into 2 companies in 2010.
  • I prefer to work with selective projects where I can be the greatest benefit to the client.  I have the referrals to back it up.
  • My quotes are detailed with pricing on every line, I never restrict information on the quotes I provide because I want the best for the order regardless of who it goes through – if there’s a better man for the job then I’m happy you found your guy and hope through transparency my work with you goes to good use.