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Multi-Slide Doors Expand Your Living Space

Create a vibrant mural of the outdoors in your home

Multi-slide patio doors deliver an open concept design by connecting your indoor and outdoor living areas

Patio doors are large, unobstructed rolling glass panels that stack or slide into pockets for extra wide openings that eliminate the barrier between indoors and out. These moving walls of glass expand living space, frame beautiful views, and let in fresh air and natural light.

multi-slide patio doors
Panda commercial windows and doors
multi-slide patio doors

Inspired design. Exceptional detail.

HNH Build offers a variety of multi-slide patio doors to match the design of your new construction home. We offer a variety of configurations to fit your lifestyle including doors that slide in one direction or part in the middle with panels that stack or conceal within a wall pocket. They’re designed for smooth operation with a strong roller system. Custom frame and panel sizes are available to meet your needs.

Choose from the modern appeal of aluminum sliding pocket doors or the classic look of aluminum-clad wood multi-slide patio doors. Add curb appeal and value to your home with a varied selection of exterior and interior colors. 

Multi Slide Patio Door Features

Flush Stacking Panels
Multi slide panels stack flush with minimal sight lines preventing any obstruction or interference, aligning perfectly when both open and closed for a uniform aesthetic profile you will love.
Pocketing & Non Pocketing Systems
With both pocketing and non-pocketing applications, our multi slide panels can stack flush against one another or slide into the wall completely out of view.
Performance Glass

We have the ability to match any door and window package and meet any energy code requirement. Our wide range of glass options provide you with the highest level of comfort and savings year-round fit for any weather.

Thermally Controlled

For maximum protection against cold and hot climates, our thermal breaks offer lower u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance and reduces thermal conductivity.

Multi-Slide Doors & Pocket Doors

Fleetwood’s sliding door interlockers are among the slimmest on the market! Methodical engineering and aluminum thickness allow slender lines without compromising structural integrity.

Strength and beauty are demonstrated by Fleetwood’s unique ability to produce doors with massive pieces of glass. For example, it is common for a 30’ x 12’ opening to have just two vertical lines. 
Multi-Slide & Pocket Doors

Panda commercial windows and doors

TS.XO Multi Slide Glass Door System
For a minimalist elegance that offers breathtaking, unobstructed views, Panda Windows & Doors presents the award-winning TS.X0 Multi-Slide glass door.

Featuring immersive, oversized sliding glass panels with ultra slim profiles measuring less than one inch across, the extensively tested TS.X0 offers unbeatable clarity and unobstructed views of any landscape. Learn More

Heritage Multi-Slide Doors

Superior durability as well as low maintenance, courtesy of an aluminum frame and panel. Learn More

A new class of multi slide

Folding, sliding and multi slide systems provide a perfect match for a complete patio doors package.
Architects, homeowners, and builders are free to innovate their space with the same quality, performance and value.

The Marvin Signature Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is more than just a panoramic door, it’s a gateway to indoor-outdoor living with performance that stands up to any weather, coast to coast. Design your ideal view, with sliding panels available in configurations that move in one direction or part in the center, and panels that stack in full view within the frame or conceal within a wall pocket. 

multi-slide patio doors

At any speed the smooth effortless motor provides a quiet operation. See your windows and doors slide and hear nothing from the smooth action of the Summit Automation system.

Protecting your home goes beyond security. With each open and close of your door the encoder and the control box sense the last 12 inches and automatically step down the motor speed to make a soft yet secure closure.

The variable speed motor when paired with the Summit Automation control box can set the independent speed of the open and close functions. Adjustable speeds are another feature that Summit Automation offers and you have come to expect with Quality.