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Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces with a folding patio door

Bi-Fold Glass Walls operate with each panel folding on top of the adjacent panel to open.

Folding doors make a lasting impression unlike anything else

Seeing a bi-fold door in action for the first time, the possibilities will unfold right before your eyes. Embracing the outdoors or protecting your space from the elements, a bi-fold patio door is designed to deliver every time. The view can can be achieved will be breathtaking. 

folding doors
folding doors

Wide Open Spaces

Quite simply, bi-fold patio doors OPEN SPACE. A large wall opening transforms the space and creates a transition from the outdoors to the indoors that is seamless. Bi-fold doors are also preferred by designers and homeowners for the narrow European style and top rail. With clean lines Bi-fold patio doors also maximizes your view as a glass wall when closed. Contact us and we will help you with the patio doors of your dreams.

Material Options

​Aluminum Folding Doors

The Aluminum system redefines contemporary style as a bifold door or window. Its clean design features a narrow 2 3/4” stile and rail profile allowing for more glass and light. Perfect for residential and commercial projects in moderate climates or as an interior space divider. An aluminum folding system has strength and security with a value price.

Wood Folding Doors

The original Door system, all wood both inside and out, is a timeless classic and still one of our most popular products. Featuring a narrow stile and rail profile, wood systems are available in a range of wood species, ready to seal, stain or paint. Suitable for contemporary or traditional design. Wood doors can be the highlight of your space.

Aluminum Thermally Broken

The Aluminum Thermally Broken system defines contemporary design plus performance. Clean lines similar to a standard aluminum system the Aluminum TB is a striking and distinctive system with 2 1/4″ thick panels. The system’s design allows you to chose different colors for the interior and exterior.

Vinyl Folding Doors

A vinyl folding door system brings high quality styling to the vinyl door market. Designed for the needs of a broader market, a vinyl system performs well in all environments, matches vinyl window packages and is the ideal solution for home renovations or new construction.

An elegant, spacious alternative to traditional sliding glass doors. When configured as folding panels only, the vertical sightlines are as narrow as possible. If a hinged door is included, we offer two choices. The first option increases the sightline but is the most ergonomic. It includes a stainless-steel Yale latch and FSB levers and front plates. If a slimmer sightline is desired, we recommend the Slim Line option.

Andersen Folding Outswing Doors

Andersen Folding Outswing Doors

Andersen Folding Doors blur the line between indoors and out. This outswing door system creates a wall of natural light when closed and when open the panels virtually fold out of sight. Learn More

Moving Expectations and Possibilities

Open up to an entirely new way to look at luxury. Bi-folding patio doors from La Cantina are an innovative way to experience indoor/outdoor living. Aspirational, yet realistic, these folding walls seamlessly transition between dreams and reality.

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