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The EDGE |f| was created to complement the EDGE |s| sliding door.

To discover more about the distinctive features of this product, we created the EDGE |f| Top 10, which are in addition to the outstanding features that accompany all Fleetwood products.

All Glass, NO Frame

The EDGE |f| frame is concealed in the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Minimal Exposure – One Lite:
The buried frame aligns seamlessly with the floor, ceiling, and walls to create a flow-through experience.

Minimal Exposure – Multiple Lites:
If more than one lite of glass is desired, only a narrow, vertical sightline is revealed. Customers may choose the interior Fin for added windload strength or to match EDGE |s| doors in the same room.


Flexible & Diverse

The EDGE |f| offers many fixed combinations and also offers a ‘no bottom rail’ option for fixed panels on the EDGE |s|.

The |f| is available in unlimited straight-line networks or with any combination of 90° corners (e.g. zig zags). Designers will also have the ability to create odd angle corners.

EDGE |s| Combination:
The |f| offers clients the choice of a zero-EDGE bottom rail in the |s| sliding door. For example, in an OXXXXO style door, the fixed panels (“O”) can be made with the |s| bottom rail for a continuous bottom rail sightline OR made with the |f| to achieve a zero-EDGE at the floor line.

Frame Styles:

Three frame choices are available:

  • Narrow Sill (highest water performance)
  • Standard Sill (highest water & wind load performance)
  • Low Profile Sill
Glass & Finish

Customers have many options in frame colors and glass types.

Glass Depths & Sizes:
Customers may choose from one of three Glass Wedge depths to accommodate glass thicknesses of 1/2″, 9/16”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½”. These choices allow customers to utilize massive sizes of glass in the realm of 150 square feet.

Colors & Finishes:
The |f| frame is stocked in Clear (Class 1) and Black (Class 1) anodized finishes, both of which come with a 20-year warranty. Custom painted or anodized colors are also available and come with an industry leading 12-year warranty REGARDLESS of location.

Low-Iron Glass:
The EDGE Collection was designed for homes with an elite view. Fleetwood, therefore, recommends using a low-iron glass because of its superior clarity and energy performance. This is especially important when glass lites are thicker than 1/4″ (6mm). Be aware, some “low-iron” glass from Europe may not possess the same clarity as low-iron glass from North America and the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating should be studied.

Product Features

Energy, Noise & Security