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The EDGE |p| is part of Fleetwood’s premier EDGE Collection of virtually frameless products. Designed for elite luxury homes, it boasts incredible sizes, a water-rated flow-through sill, and is the only pivot door on the market to provide a zero-edge presentation at the jambs.

Minimal, Not Marginal

Slender Lines
The perimeter frame reveal of EDGE |p| is the slimmest on the market. While closed, all framing proud of the finishes is less than 2”.

Zero-Edge Jamb
Unlike all other products in class, the EDGE |p| is the only door to completely zero out the jambs and bring the wall finishes directly into the glass sightline. This is accomplished with Fleetwood’s proprietary Archetype Blade latch system and concealed electronic V-Locks.

Massive Panels
The EDGE |p| was purposefully engineered for incredible sizes with a minimal reveal, delivering big in both function and form. Think 12’ tall, 1000 lbs. panels, with a virtually nonexistent frame and effortless one-finger push operation.



The “Little” Things

Residential Design
Others offer modified commercial pivot doors that can be found in retail storefronts, but EDGE |p| was designed exclusively for elite luxury applications that demand aesthetic excellence, residential performance, and a fit & finish meant for a custom home.


REAL Lifetime Guarantee
The product warranty goes with the house, regardless of ownership. Others offer a limited warranty to the ‘original purchaser’ who is the builder in most cases.


Hidden Weather-Stripping
During design, apt attention was given to hiding the needed weather stripping as much as possible when the door was closed. The intention was for homeowners to see very little view obstruction.

Enhancing Design

Luxury Hardware & Automation
EDGE |p| is equipped with electronic bolt locks and the EDGE Collection’s signature Archetype Blade locking hardware, both of which are flush and concealed from elevation view. The door comes standard with a Rixson Floor Closer and 90-degree hold open, but can also incorporate automation that synchronizes with the electronic locks to create a truly touch-free experience and integration with smart home systems.

Minimal Sightlines
The EDGE Collection pivot door is by far our most minimal entry door with all exposed framing less than 2”. The EDGE |p| is the only pivot door on the market to feature a ‘zero-edge’ jamb with wall finishes that continue directly through the glass line.

Performing Flow-Through Sill
The EDGE |p| features Fleetwood’s proprietary Arche-Duct draining system with a slim linear drain that runs jamb to jamb, providing ample weather performance and letting the finished floor become the sill. The drain is optional if the door is protected, allowing the flooring material to run through the opening uninterrupted.

Product Features

Energy, Noise & Security