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Panda commercial windows and doors

TS.XO Multi Slide Glass Door System

For a minimalist elegance that offers breathtaking, unobstructed views, Panda Windows & Doors presents the award-winning TS.X0 Multi-Slide glass door.

Featuring immersive, oversized sliding glass panels with ultra slim profiles measuring less than one inch across, the extensively tested TS.X0 offers unbeatable clarity and unobstructed views of any landscape.


  • Colossal glass panels combined with ultra slim 15/16” mullions and optional recessed headers and jambs combine to create the stunning illusion of floor-to-ceiling glass.
  • World-class engineering allows for massive glass panels of up 250 sf. and up to 16 ft. in height.
  • Panda’s high-quality engineering utilizing durable steel rollers and lightweight 6063-T6 aluminum profiles creates a smooth, almost weightless feel when opening and closing – even when glass panels weigh in excess of 800 lbs.
  • For glass door panels that exceed 10 ft. in height, Panda engineers structurally reinforce stiles to maintain mechanical integrity without comprising the sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • With the revolutionary TS.X0 pocketed panel storage system, designers and property owners can seamlessly blend interior spaces with the outdoors.
  • Multi-point locking mechanisms, expert engineering, and Panda’s reliably durable craftsmanship ensure maximum security against burglary and forced entry.
  • The TS.X0 glass door system is available in a wide variety of powder-coated and faux wood finishes to complement any décor.

The “Little” Things

In 2019, Window + Door Magazine awarded the Panda TS.X0 the title Most Innovative Patio, Multi-Slide, or Multi-Panel Door System.

Panda Window and Doors accepted the award at GlassBuild America, an annual expo featuring industry leaders from across the country.


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