replacement windows and doors

In the average home, nearly 10% to 25% of heat escapes from old windows and doors. This can cause energy bills to skyrocket while also making your home uncomfortable during the winter. The best way to combat this loss is by investing in replacement doors and windows.

How Replacement Doors and Windows Help Prevent Energy Loss

With old windows and poor insulation, indoor air can be allowed to escape through cracks. This can not only drive up energy bills, but it can also put additional stress on your HVAC system causing it to work overtime. If this is allowed to continue for too long, you could end up needing system repairs on top of replacement windows and doors.

Front doors can also provide a way for energy to escape, especially if they aren’t sealing properly after closing. A lack of sealing around doors can make it easy for heat to escape, and while draft stoppers can be used to help mitigate the problem, the issue will persist until a new front door is installed.

Preventing Damage and Pest Infestation

Replacement windows and doors can also help protect your home against damage from water. Old windows and doors are prone to having gaps and cracks that water can seep into and damage the interior of your home. If water is allowed to continue getting in, over time you could begin seeing hazardous mold growth or rot. If a wall is damaged enough, it may require extensive repair in order to fix it completely.

Similarly, these gaps and cracks can be great ways for pests to gain entrance into your home. From tiny insects to rodents, you could be inadvertently giving them an easy way in when you fail to replace your old windows and doors.

Replacement windows and doors nip these problems in the bud and ensure that no water or pests can enter and no energy can escape.

Are You Overdue for Replacement?

If your home is struggling with old windows and doors, consider how replacing these can benefit you. To learn more about all the options available to you, check out Hand In Hand Build for more information and inspiration.

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